Public Relations

Relationships…branding…marketing…the business of generating goodwill towards a business, cause or individual…events. Public Relations is all of the above.

When people ask us what we do, we say, “Develop and manage marketing strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.” We want to help you master the methods and relationships that will enable your brand to reach its zenith. There are several steps in this process, including the analysis of past and existing programs, evaluating available resources, and recommending strategic actions and programs.

We know that relevance, flexibility and impact are cornerstones of any public relations plan. Reaching people with core messages they can relate to, in their space, on their terms is key to meeting your goals for growth and prosperity. We hope you will allow us to be your partner in that process.

socail media

Social Media

Today, it’s a matter of outcome rather than output. Yes, you want to reach as many people as possible. Yes, you want to reach influencers. But you also want to make an impact with your target markets and that doesn’t translate into EVERYBODY within earshot.

The Prewitt Group will help you fine tune your markets, will draw from our library of youth, multicultural, business, male and female consumer profiles, and will help you better understand your markets’ preferences, as well as their motivation to buy, do and engage. Then, we’ll implement a media relations program that will combine a quality mix of traditional (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines), and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) to help you make a lasting impression.

We have strong media relationships too. We know who to call locally and nationally and what they’re looking for: An enticing story angle, an engaging personality, or an unusual feature that fits into a broader context. So, excuse us if we ask a lot of questions. It’s only because we know you have an exceptional story to tell.

creative services

Creative Services

Web and Graphic Design

Your visual image does not stand alone. It is part of the team’s strategic process to create a visual representation of your brand, giving it meaning and purpose. We work closely with you to clarify your goals, understand your objectives, and design a lasting visual solution that communicates your brand and your vision.



Impact: The ability to break through all of your competitor’s noise. Climbing to the top of a skyscraper and shouting through a bull horn is sure to get you on the evening news, among other things. You also can design a Special Event that markets your brand message, and connects your business values to a personal cause. And you can do all of this while everybody is laughing and networking and having a really good time.

Isn’t that what Special Events are supposed to do?

We think so. Over the years, we’ve achieved tremendous outcomes with both small and large budgets that have kept people talking and dancing until dawn. We’ve helped to keep everyone cool on a golf course at the Black Enterprise Golf and Tennis Challenge with branded iced towels and bottled water in 100 degree heat. We’ve brought in national and regional speakers to light a fire under supporters and employees, many of whom are still quoting their advice. We’ve managed award productions where we’ve actually said, “Lights, cameras, action!” We’ve crafted opportunities for local chefs to create exquisite entrees that best complemented an automobile’s brand. And, we’ve generated tons of media coverage in the process.

If you’d like to fashion a special event that’s unique to your organization, give us a call. It’s always a pleasure to really get the creative juices flowing!